Brake & tire wear

Brake wear and tire abrasion is rarely and little talked about. But this is one of the biggest burdens on our environment. Brake wear pollutes the air quality and tyre abrasion puts an incredible amount of microplastics into the soil and water. This naturally also has an effect on our health. 

At QSR Research, we believe that no further study or evaluation is needed. What is still missing, however, are solutions to these problems and visibility in the political arena. 

We are looking for more environmentally friendly tyre manufacturers and test them for you. The following factors are interesting for us: 

  • Is the rolling resistance reduced?
  • Is the call-off reduced? 
  • What is the tire made of? 
  • How is it made? 
  • Mass production?
  • and many other factors


Do you have an innovative solution or proposal for this challenge? Then get in touch with us!

Every day, our experts work on various research projects to minimize the environmental impact of mobility. The important thing here is that innovative solutions work together with innovative companies. Working together on solutions and forming partnerships is the real solution for an environmentally friendly future.