Speed Limit 40 in downtown

For more than a year now, the city of Stuttgart has been testing the speed limit 40 in the city centre, and now Heilbronn is joining them. 

According to the current expert opinion, this measure should reduce the NO2 emission up to 5%. In addition, the number of cars on these sections will be reduced, which will also lead to better air quality. 

We have taken it upon ourselves to take a very close look at this report and to examine the appropriateness of this measure, because at first glance important factors were not considered.

With independent experts, we will review all factors related to this speed limit. These include, for example: 

  • Compliance with these speed limits
  • The gear changes in automatic transmissions and their increased emissions at 40
  • Testing the adaptation and optimization of traffic light circuits to the lower speed
  • Evaluation of the soundscape and detailed comparison with speed 50

Investigation of the effectiveness of speed limits in Stuttgart on traffic-related noise and pollutant loads:

The results of our investigation are discussed extensively in the internal QSR Network Meeting and the right necessary measures are then taken. 

All findings from our tests and research are directly incorporated into our environmental protection measures. 

  • Category

    Questionable measures
  • Start

    01.2020 - 12.2020
  • Type

    Prüfung der Gutachten
  • Place

    Heilbronn, Stuttgart