Consumption Research

A current topic at QSR Research is consumer research in Germany and Austria. To be more precise, we focus on the enorme Angebot an Plastikverpackungen durch die Produktanbieter/Hersteller. 

Through numerous awareness-raising activities, an active effort is being made to persuade consumers to use less plastic and thus contribute to environmental protection. At the same time, the range of products in sometimes unnecessary plastic packaging in the supermarkets is hardly reduced, and in some areas even increased. The choice of alternative, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging in the shops is negligible, so that the awareness-raising measures show almost no results. 

At QSR Research, we believe that in this case supply determines demand and not the other way around. Every company and every manufacturer should be aware of their responsibility here and actively work on this problem. 

QSR Research takes a close look at this challenge and cooperates with innovative companies that are actively working on alternative packaging and are already partially using it. 

We are always looking for manufacturers who are willing to test these solutions on their own products and actively participate in a PoC. 

You are a supplier of alternative packaging and have a product or idea for this challenge? Then you are welcome to contact us!

At QSR Research, we bring together innovative solutions with the right companies to actively work on today's challenges and problems in the areas of environmental protection, sustainability and quality.