Renewable Energy

Currently, renewable energy constitutes about 13,5% of the total energy supply of the globe and around 22% of the total electricity generation worldwide.

The potential of renewable energies is significantly greater than the current energy demand, the entire demand could be covered several times over and also helps to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

We at QSR Research are strongly committed to Renewable Energy. We develop modern and innovative solutions with our partners and ensure that projects are executed in a seamless and efficient manner. We have built up a partner ecosystem over the years that provides the right solutions for both private households and companies. 

Together with our partners, we are actively exploring and developing alternatives to fossil energy production with a focus on mobility and energy storage. 

We offer our customers

  • Analysis & consulting

  • Power generation concept with earnings forecast

  • Qualification of manufacturers & partners

  • High-performance system solutions for corporates

  • Project Management

  • Test, acceptance & certification

How we do

get everything from one source

With QSR Research, our clients have the advantage of not having to worry about anything. We offer everything from a single source, starting with the analysis of requirements, official proofs to on-site installation. In doing so, we access our large partner network and use the knowledge of QSR Network.

Innovative solutions

QSR Research offers high quality and technologically leading consulting services. In addition, we have access to a highly qualified partner network.

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Other services

  • Renewable Energy

    Gegenwärtig machen erneuerbare Energien etwa 13,5% der Gesamtenergieversorgung der Welt und etwa 22% der gesamten Stromerzeugung weltweit aus.Das Potenzial erneuerbarer Energien ist bei weitem größer als die aktuelle Energie Nachfrage,

  • Alternative packaging

    Wir bei QSR Research glauben, dass wenn es um Verpackungen geht, das Angebot die Nachfrage bestimmt und nicht andersherum. Wir sind ebenfalls der Meinung, dass die Unternehmen die Verantwortung für die