QSR Network

QSR Network is a group of experts comprising teams of professionals, researchers, start-ups, companies & organizations. This is the place where collective intelligence turns into the leading asset of QSR Policy.
At QSR Network various teams work together, exchange ideas and innovations, and establish strategic alliances.
The objective is clearly defined: to develop effective, useful, and sustainable solutions that promote environmental protection. 
Would you like to be a member of the QSR Network? Then send us a short message or an application to qsrnetwork@qsrresearch.info
We kindly ask you to understand that we have a strict selection process for the members in order to keep the quality of the network at a high level.

Access to Research Center Resources (Optional)

The members of the QSR Network have the best possibility to apply for access to the QSR Research Center. 
QSR Research Center offers access to many important studies and analyses, which are important for the economy and the future, on the topics of electromobility, consumer research & consumer trends and plenty of other interesting data. 
These studies are an important tool for our development and strategy.