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  • Electromobility

    Electromobility today has many supporters as well as opponents. The fact is, electromobility is not a bad thing if the topic is addressed with promoting, qualified...

  • Innovative Environmental Protection Concepts

    QSR Research nutzt das Wissen von zahlreichen Forschern und Institutionen, um Moderne und nachhaltige Umweltschutz und Mobilitätskonzepte für Städte & Kommunen zu entwickeln und zusammen

  • Alternative packaging

    At QSR Research, we believe that when it comes to packaging, supply determines demand, not the other way around. We also believe that companies have a responsibility to reduce the amount of

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy currently contributes about 13.5% of the world's total energy supply and around 22% of total electricity generation worldwide. The potential of renewable energy is significantly greater