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Thanks to our highly qualified and advanced partner network, we are able to offer our customers a wide-ranging portfolio consisting of products and solutions in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. We aim to fulfill almost every request and every project with qualified solutions. 

Die Produkt und Hersteller-Auswahl erfolgt dabei durch einen strengen Auswahlprozess, in dem sowohl die Produktherstellung, als auch die Effizienz der Produkte und Lösungen genau unter die Lupe genommen werden. So können unsere Kunden sicher sein, dass ihre Anfrage nur mit qualifizierten und zertifizierten Lösungen bearbeitet wird. 

Our Product & Service Portfolio at a Glance

Renewable Energy
Alternative packaging
Modern environmental protection & mobility solutions

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Yes, we are expanding our portfolio continuously with innovative products and solutions.

You are welcome to send us information about your company and the product to the e-mail address stored under "Contact". We will be happy to evaluate your product and talk about a partnership.

No. QSR Research is a dedicated value-added solution distributor for environmental protection and sustainability. This means we are specialists in solutions and products in this field and work in the background with a large partner network consisting of manufacturers and service providers.