Electromobility today has many supporters as well as opponents. The fact is, electromobility is not a bad thing if the topic is addressed with promoting, qualified and appropriate methods.

QSR Research works together with numerous partners to develop concepts that make electric mobility attractive and user-friendly for people.

The most important key aspect of electromobility is not to convince people to buy electric cars, but to offer a comprehensive, standardized and easy-to-use charging infrastructure and well-developed hydrogen filling stations. However, in order to be able to offer a fully developed charging infrastructure, a clear and well-planned strategy must be developed. This is exactly what we, at QSR Research are working on with our numerous partners.

QSR Research already offers well-engineered concepts for gas stations, the hospitality industry, cities, and retailers in order to integrate the charging infrastructure as effectively as possible. Together with our partners, we are always interested in offering our customers a well developed and, most importantly, fully operational charging infrastructure.

we do offer

  • Analysis & Consulting

  • Concept development for charging infrastructure

  • Selection process of manufacturers & partners

  • Architect Advisory Service

  • Project Management

  • Test & Acceptance

  • Certification

  • Detailed reports

How we do

The Advanced selection process for manufacturers and partners

QSR Research is one of the leading solution distributors in the field of environmental protection and sustainability and offers a high quality and reliable partner infrastructure through a strict selection process.

get everything from one source

With QSR Research, our clients have the advantage of not having to worry about anything. We offer everything from concept development to implementation and acceptance from one source. We utilize our large partner network and the knowledge collected from QSR Network projects.

Always the goal in focus

Our mission is to create a standardized, fully operational and well-planned charging infrastructure all over Europe and by doing so we want to take away people's fear and prejudices.

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Yes, QSR Research also promotes electromobility in city centers and also in companies. For example, we are also integrating e-scooters and e-bikes into our environmental protection concepts to avoid short distances by car. 

No, QSR Research operates throughout Europe. However, we are increasingly focusing on Germany and Austria. 

It strongly depends on the project. In many cases, the first consulting sessions are free of charge for our customers. In order to keep the costs as low as possible while still having access to the best achievable quality, we take over the price negotiations with manufacturers and partners for our customers. 

Other services

  • Electromobility

    Elektromobilität hat in der heutigen Zeit sowohl viele Fürsprecher als auch Gegner. Fakt ist, Elektromobilität ist nichts schlechtes, wenn man das Thema mit förderlichen, qualifizierten und geeigneten Maßnahmen adressiert.QSR Research

  • Innovative Environmental Protection Concepts

    QSR Research nutzt das Wissen von zahlreichen Forschern und Institutionen, um Moderne und nachhaltige Umweltschutz und Mobilitätskonzepte für Städte & Kommunen zu entwickeln und zusammen mit unseren Partnern umzusetzen. Hierbei fokussieren